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June 9th and 10th

Claire Reynier
Global marketing & Business Development Industrial Coatings
Alicia Albrecht
Coating Resins Sr. Technical Service Engineer
Yannick Nabil-Moreau
Technical Manager – Crayvallac Additives

Partnering for High Solid Systems - Designing a more sustainable world with High solids solutions

by Claire Reynier
& Yannick Nabil-Moreau
June 9th 9.00-9.40 am CEST

by Alicia Albrecht
& Yannick Nabil-Moreau
June 9th 3.00-3.40 pm CEST

In this webinar you will discover ARKEMA Coating Material Solutions’s toolbox to design high performance and sustainable high solids systems. You will learn about our expertise in polymer design and rheology and find out some examples of uses for your end market

  • Arkema’s resins and additives for High solids systems
  • A unique expertise in polymer design and rheology
  • Latest innovations to develop new high performing and sustainable High Solids formulations
Xavier Drujon
Technical Service & Development Manager for Industrial Coatings - Sartomer Europe
Justin Lanyon
Global Marketing Director for UV Specialties 

Partnering for UV Systems - A pioneering offering and expertise enabling exceptional freedom of performance design

by Xavier Drujon & Justin Lanyon
June 9th 10.30-11.10 am CEST

by Xavier Drujon & Justin Lanyon
June 9th 4.30-5.10 pm CEST

In this webinar, our experts will present Arkema’s latest innovations in properties enhancing and sustainable coating solutions. Discover a unique portfolio for UV systems including resins, photoinitiators and additives. Learn more about radiation curing solvent-free technology, enabling advanced performance for specialty coatings and inks.

  • Global Photoinitiator Center of Excellence opening
  • New liquid Thioxanthone photoinitiator for LED curing
  • Focus on sustainability and regulatories with a deep dive on bio-renewable based solutions
  • New structured urethane acrylates and patented use of controlled polymer architecture to tailor materials properties
Douglas Bohn
Orr&Boss Consultant.

Global coatings market and the key trends impacting this industry by Orr&Boss

by Douglas Bohn
June 9th 5.30-6.00 pm CEST

In this webinar, Douglas Bohn of Orr & Boss will provide an overview of the global coatings market as well as the key trends impacting the market. Orr & Boss Consulting Incorporated is a management consulting firm based in Toronto with consultants in Europe, Asia, and South America. Orr & Boss focuses on the coatings markets and provides its clients with market research, mergers & acquisitions, and operations management consulting services

  • Size and growth rate of the global coatings market
  • The impact that sustainability is having on the global coatings markets
  • The post-pandemic economy and how the global coatings market will be impacted
  • Other trends that are impacting the coatings market including lightweighting trend and its impact on the market, the use of 3D Printing manufacturing models, the expected increase in infrastructure stimulus spending globally, and others.
Yohann Trang
Global Business Manager Coatings
Agnès Beaugendre
Technical Manager Coatings
Anna Johnson
Technical Manager Coatings
Grégory Delmas
Technical Manager Coatings
Jeremy Grove
Technical Manager Coatings

Partnering for tomorrow Waterborne Formulations

by Yohann Trang, Agnès Beaugendre & Grégory Delmas
June 10th 9.00-10.00 am CEST

by Yohann Trang, Anna Johnson & Jeremy Grove
June 10th 3.00-4.00 pm CEST

Join Arkema experts in Waterborne formulations to discover our solutions to develop new waterborne systems. In this webinar, you will find out more about our broad, high performing and sustainable offer of ingredients. We will also demonstrate how to push paints & coatings performance limits using all the synergies of this comprehensive offering. With sustainability as historical driver, learn more about our latest innovations for aqueous systems of the future.

  • Arkema’s resins and additives for Waterborne systems
  • A unique holistic expertise for high performing waterborne systems
  • Committed in regulatory compliance and designing a more sustainable world
  • Latest innovations to develop new high performing and sustainable WB formulations
Albert Muñoz
Technical Manager Additives & Powder Resins EMEA
Santiago Carreras
Technical Support & Market Development

Partnering for Powder Systems - Pushing the limits of Performance and Sustainability to the Next Level: You’ve got the Powder!

by Albert Muñoz & Santiago Carreras
June 10th 10.30-11.10 am CEST

by Albert Muñoz & Santiago Carreras
June 10th 4.30-5.10 pm CEST

Join Arkema powder experts on a journey of some of the latest innovations in thermoplastic and thermosetting powder coatings and powder coating resins. During this webinar, Arkema will highlight some of its recent advancements in the areas of Sustainability, Enhanced Durability, and Performance. Offering a robust toolbox of solutions for the world’s powder market needs, Arkema is committed to continuous innovation in powder – join us to learn how we are pushing powder to the next levels of performance for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

  • A unique offer in the Powder market (materials for all market segment both thermoplastic and thermoset)
  • A global footprint (we are able to serve from and to all regions )
  • Extreme materials for extreme conditions
  • Continuous innovation to take-up your challenges (low-cure tool box, superdurable…)